My life is short but it is meaningful and purposeful. How is yours?

First Post

Hello there. I tell u a bit history of this blog first. Actually I wanted to make a blog since long long time ago.. perhaps it’s since 1 or 1.5 year ago..  what is, or rather, are my motivations to do blogging? Basically it’s to share my life to you. Sometimes, esp here in Singapore, I feel it’s a bit hard to find quality time to talk. So why not try writing a blog? Next is to get place to put my thoughts into. Sometimes it just happens that random interesting thoughts keep coming into my mind. And I realized that after a while all of them (or maybe most of them haha, i can still remember some actually) were gone! Well, hope the existence of this blog will reduce that. Other reason is because I feel blessed by reading other’s blogs, so let me try to do the same thing to you 🙂 As for now, the last reason would be…. hmm.. let put it this way. I think by making a blog, I am starting to put things into a big treasure box and maybe later in the future I will read my old posts and smile to see what I’ve done in the past. I was thinking of making some categories in this blog and will try to maintain this blog regularly (how regular? we’ll see.. haha) errmm. Actually I got another reason why I wanted to write a blog, that is simply to practice writing. Though it’s not going to be so much of a formal writing but practising putting thoughts into words would be a good practise. 🙂


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  1. Sy mengunjungi blog anda lho hahah! mana second post nih??

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