My life is short but it is meaningful and purposeful. How is yours?

Back there in high school a few years ago, my friends and I were dealing with a lot of Multiple Choice Questions. I am still dealing with those MCQs now in university but few years back there we were having a lot more practises and tests in MCQ format. Often in class, the teacher gave two tips in answering MCQs. The first one is something like this one, “If there are two or more choices in which you feel that one of them is the correct answer, don’t be too complicated in thinking, don’t consider too many considerations, just choose the most obvious correct answer and that will do.” (what it means here is most of the time, you will get it correct). The second tip, the teacher would say something like this, “Well, if you really don’t know what the correct answer is, just eliminate the most obvious wrong answer out of the consideration first. From there on, you will see a better picture and the chances of you to get the correct answer will be higher.” It makes sense, doesn’t it? Let’s say we have option A B C D E for question number 1. Your chance of getting the correct answer is 20%.You don’t know what the correct answer is. But wait, you are pretty sure that option B and E don’t make sense at all so you eliminate them. Now you have option A C D to choose from. In other words, your chance now is 33.3% after some thought work.

In life, we often face some choices, don’t we? What do you do when you face those, probably difficult, choices? Do you think for a while before you make the choice? Or do you just arbitrarily choose any one of them? If you are a christian (a.k.a. someone who believes in Jesus Christ and is struggling to be like Him) you know that our God doesn’t like sin. Well maybe I should change the ‘doesn’t like’ into ‘hates’ in the preceding sentence. In the other hand, the devil would love if humans sin. I don’t really know where sin originates from and what the history of the devil is, the only thing I know is that the LORD of the lord really hates sin and if we do sin that will displease our God. Do you consider this before making your choices?

Often I hear christians saying, “I don’t know what God want me to do.” or “I still don’t know what His plan for me is.” or “I am still not sure what Your will in my life is.” Sometimes people think big about big things and big stuffs, but they don’t really care (or maybe forget?) about small stuffs. What I am trying to say here is, how can you achieve big things if you don’t do small things? A big thing is actually a collection of many small things, isn’t it? How can we know what God’s will in our life is if in everydayness we never seek it, we enjoy doing sin (can be consciously or unconsciously), we don’t read bible, we are lazy to pray? If you belong to this group of people who concern a lot about big things but often neglect the details in doing smaller things, I have suggestion for you to choose the most obvious choice first in making decisions. If under a condition you are faced with two choices: to help your neighbour who knocks your room’s door or to lock yourself in the room, pretending that you don’t hear the knocking, and continue watching your porn film at your laptop, which one would you choose? Well obviously in this condition, most people will say, “go help the neighbour! watching porn film is at the first place not a very good thing to do anyway!” This is obvious, isn’t this? Another last example, let’s say a person you know disappoints you very badly. Let’s say you have some options, first, is to kill him! Second, third, fourth, etc are not mentioned here. But we know that we have to eliminate the-most-obvious-not-an-answer first which in this case is to kill him. Maybe the circumstances you’re gonna face won’t be too extreme like this, but you got my idea. Don’t complicate thing, just choose the most obvious first. Lastly, to sharpen your ‘obviousness-instinct’ you have to continue praying, learn from life and from the bible. (in other words, ask His guidance) 🙂

Happy new year to all of you!


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  1. Wew.. barely made the limit of ‘regularity’, huh? 😛

    • yep….. in a sense… haha.. it took me a lot of time to think about your comment and in the end still couldn’t get it until we met.. haha.. i thought you were commenting on the content of this post..

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