My life is short but it is meaningful and purposeful. How is yours?

Easter Reflection

Before I begin, just want to say a few things. Initially I planned to write various things of my interests in life in this blog. I could actually do that. I could share my thoughts on football, music, gaming (e.g. DotA), schoolwork, campus life, and also perhaps talking about girls. But don’t know why, I am not that driven to write about those things eventually. That’s because I think I do need to share Christianity matters, really, I am more compelled to write about Christianity. I still want to write about various things in the future, but not so sure how often of that would be. I am sorry if you reader are not so interested in Christianity things, maybe just don’t read any post with the Christianity tag inside.

Yup, we celebrate the event of the risen of our King from the death today. I would say that as the most most most important fact of the history that every history teacher should talk about that in their history class. We often forget or take for granted this fact. I myself do so. I am a forgetful person. Even I ever forgot whether I’ve had my lunch or not. Yet about some Christianity facts, I often forget those while I’m living my everydayness life. By the way, what so significance in this resurrection of Christ? Well Paul said, our beliefs are in vain if Jesus did not rise from death. It is the core and the uniqueness of Christianity, really. A living God who came to earth, died for us, rose from the death, and went back to heaven preparing places there for us. How nice and sweet a story that is. This story is at least very beautiful to me.

Go a step further, the fact that Jesus rose from death, really should make us strong in our everydayness lives. We should always refer back to this occasion when Jesus proved to the world that even the power of death is actually nothing compared to the power He possesses. And what a God we have in Him!

For reflection: do you know that God is so powerful that even the power of death is nothing to Him? if you know, how does that fact affect your life?


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