My life is short but it is meaningful and purposeful. How is yours?

Today is the last day of May and it’s my deadline to write an entry already! >.<

Let me recall what happened in the last few weeks. Today was the 11th day of my internship. My holiday officially started on 7th of May but since then I always had something to do each day. 7th of May, I spent whole day for NUS ISCF AGM. 8th of May as usual, went to church and talked a lot with friends regarding the future of ISCF. 9-13 May was in ISCF Camp. 14 May, got another NUS ISCF AGM (they called it Extraordinary General Meeting or EOGM) because ISCF’s president was not determined yet by that time, after EOGM went to church for Youth Fellowship! 🙂 15 May, went to church and spent time talking to friends. 16 May, started my internship, then in the evening watched Fast n Furious! 17 May, got church outing in the morning and bible study in the late afternoon, spent time talking to friends in the evening. 18 May-20 May, went to work as usual. 20 May after work, went to NTU to attend their (NTU ISCF’s) ETG (Exam Thanksgiving), a sweet fellowship it was, then I slept over there in my friend’s (Vincent’s) room. 21 May, this day was dedicated for NTU ISCF’s AGM. 😀 23-27 May, did internship as usual and mostly ate dinner talking to friends, also went to my church’s prayer meeting on Friday night. 28 May, volunteering for EARC as an area master at Ngee Ann City. It was a new experience, met some new friends as well from all over Asia! 29 May, went to my church and went to Saint John’s Saint Margaret’s church to play guitar in EARC’s communion service.  30-31 May, worked as usual, but now I am in different team from before.

3 weeks back, my friend (Edward) told me that a music school (Asia Music School) in Yishun needs a guitar teacher, the pay is quite good, and the probability of me getting accepted there is quite high, according to what he says. I could apply there as a part-timer on Saturdays and maybe Sundays if I want. But I held my decision to apply first because I wanted to see if I would be very busy already or not. Now then I don’t feel like applying into that position anymore because as can be seen from my short history, my Saturdays were always occupied. This coming Saturday I am asked to give some basic guitar strumming lesson in GENUS and probably I will stay over at my friend’s house. And by the way, this Sunday I will be playing guitar in my church as well. For the next Saturday, my  Tembusu Orientation committee already booked my day for a dry run for the amazing race during the orientation later. Oh yeah packed schedule but I believe everything is going to be alright! 🙂

Apart from that I have made commitment to read one Christian book during this holiday and now is already 30% of my holiday gone and I haven’t really started reading a book. I hope I can start reading a book soon, maybe I will begin with Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper first. See if I can finish that in a month or maybe less, then I will probably read another book.

At this stage in life, all these conditions make me think of what I actually look for in life. Why at the first place I decided to do internship and not just went back to Indonesia to enjoy holiday, meet family and friends? Why I was bothered to go to NTU ISCF’s AGM? Why I was interested in giving guitar tuition? Why I often spent times to talk with friends over dinner time (and sometimes after dinner also)? Why am I writing this particular entry in my blog? Here are some answers which I can think of: I do internship to expose myself into a new environment, to meet more people, and to get a nicer transcript as well. I went to NTU for their AGM because I cared for students ministries in campuses, since I am currently still a student also. I wanted to teach guitar at that music school mainly because of the money incentive; it’s always good to have extra pocket money right? And, again cliche, of course because I want to have a new experience in life: teaching guitar in Singapore. Next is, well, I talked to people because I believe I cared for them but who knows deep inside I do so because I just don’t like to be alone? I am writing this blog because somehow I just feel that I have to share this. I believe at this stage of life a lot of youths are having the same struggles as mine and it’s always good to share things around right?

Let’s just end this post, it’s already late night now and I still have to wake up early tomorrow to go to work again. Honestly, I am not so sure how to answer the question in the title of this post. I don’t even know which area of industry that I am interested to work on after I am graduated. Well, yeah, it is known that generally people look for wealth, health, and fame in life. But I am not really looking for those things actually (cognitively). However, in daily life, maybe I look for those things (practically). To close down, as what the bible says in Matthew 26:41, “The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” So true is this statement in my opinion. I pray that God will strengthen me, but not only me (all others who are having the same struggles also), to be able to be strong in spirit and do not listen to the flesh very often.


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