My life is short but it is meaningful and purposeful. How is yours?

Blessings and Miracles!

Finally I got some time again to write things up. I always wanted to write about a lot of things, the ideas just keep popping out on every random occasion (e.g. on the bus, at the bus stop, in the toilet, while walking, etc) and I just couldn’t capture them all. So what happened recently is this: I am still under my internship – interesting internship, sometimes boring, sometimes fun, but I think the best part of it is that I can get to know more people and have more friends! Then in the past one week there was this PINUS Orientation, I attended only the night games and the KuliNight (Finale Night) and got to meet some freshmen also. Oh how I love the atmosphere of the orientation! Everyone met new friends here and there, they yelled for cheers together, they perform good performances, they played games together, what a wonderful world! haha… Now then, those moments have gone and I am in my room writing this up…

God has been very kind to me if I think about it. Even though bad things and bad lucks do happen in my life, that’s fine. I got better lucks and felt miracles of God! Let me share some with you:

First, just now after came back from workplace, I alighted at the bus stop in front of Anchor Point, suddenly someone shouted “KP!” and guess what, she was my High School friend! She is here in Singapore until the end of this week on holiday with her big families! She was waiting for a bus and then we went into some chit chat and that was a good 10-15 minutes talking with an old friend I suppose. 🙂

Second, yesterday I almost came late to work. I took a half day leave (because need to move out stuffs from my old hostel to new hostel) so I was supposed to arrive at workplace by 1:30 PM. In short, if the 2 buses that I should take (I need to exchange bus) did not come immediately, I would be late, however they came just in time and I was not late. There is no real punishment if I came late though, it’s just that I am happy I didn’t come late! haha.

Third, I thank God for all the good friends I have around me and for the time we’ve spent together! They are just great. I do know every one of them has their own set of weaknesses, so what? I also have my set of weaknesses and I think friendship is meant to build one another up and I personally am blessed by the presence of all my friends. They built me up! I hope that I did the same to them also..

Fourth, so many more small yet critical things happened the last few weeks and I do believe in His holy intervention in all those!

And right now I am reading this book “Don’t Waste Your Life” by John Piper and it is also mentioned there that to live (in this world) to the fullest is to live in the cross and to enjoy Him abundantly. I think I got a glimpse already on how to enjoy Him abundantly. But that’s not enough I believe. I want to exult in Him and enjoy Him more day by day!

Anyway, school is starting in 16 days time, so I must get myself pumped and ready! Yeah! 🙂


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