My life is short but it is meaningful and purposeful. How is yours?

Hi there,

I am writing this after my third day of my school. School just started last Thursday, so yeah, today was only the third day. Something great happened today when I just wake up: I couldn’t speak! My voice was just gone. Well, I exaggerated a bit, I could actually speak but it was difficult and the voice was actually weird. It’s like I got phlegm inside my throat there that somehow blocked the vibration of my voice or whatever. The right hole of my nose is also not functioning! Isn’t that cool? So I’ve been breathing with only the left side of my nose this whole day! At this kind of situation whereby it was very difficult for me to speak, it came into my mind that I should write something! Hahaha. So here I am in front of my laptop.

Okay, so, from my own opinion, academic wise, I did not do very well last semester and I want to improve this semester. So that’s the new expectation. I will also be teaching one module in NUS (not as the lecturer! haha. actually only helping out as a lab teaching assistant). My actual reason to do this teaching thing is not really because of the money, but more towards because I want the students to get good teaching and in a way I want to train myself to be able to teach and help people. But somehow, when I talked about this to people, the first thing they talked about is the money. I don’t really think, personally, that the pay is that high — you can teach tuition outside and get a higher pay. Anyway, it seems that money is indeed a very important element in our lives that we can’t live without. And people will be happier if they have more money! (at least it’s what I think people think)

Back to academic expectation, I do really hope that I can be a good student this semester. Let me explain what my ‘good student’ means:
1. I will try to come to all classes, regardless of the weather, mood, etc.
2. I will try to do all tutorial problems, well at least have an attempt to do each problem will be good enough. (this did not happen very often in the past)
3. I will make sure that I am on the same track as the lecturer in every lecture. This might need me to revise my lecture notes if it is needed.
4. I will do all the assignments given to me. (i.e. group projects, homeworks, essays, readings)

Basically the idea behind this is to give my best. And that was inspired during a chat with a friend. She reminded me that we as Christians ought to do our best in every single thing (or task) we have, as if doing it for God. That really encouraged me since sometimes I was too logical (I would try to use the minimum amount of energy to get the maximum result (read: grade)). This way, however, resulted in a lot of bad things, e.g. underestimating the content of the lesson, overestimating myself, not taking into account if disruptive unexpected events happen, procrastinating at times, and maybe some other which I couldn’t think of now. So yeah, let’s just try to give my best this semester and I believe God will adjust the result accordingly. 🙂

Besides, now I am also living in the Tembusu College at the NUS newly opened University Town, well thank God for that, and I have been seeing a lot of new people everywhere (especially at the dining hall) and I do hope to know them one by one slowly. Making new friends is good. But sometimes I do think that too many friends occasionally is a bit troublesome as well: if one have more friends which means more hours of interactions needed to keep the relation up with them, he/she still ‘only’ have 24 hours per day to live. So yeah, I guess this is a new challenge by itself already, i.e. to decide on whom shall I spend my time with, when to meet the crowd when to have a solitary time, when to meet new friends when to meet old friends, when to meet people when to study, when to be engaged in a face to face interaction when to communicate just using facebook-chat-skype-sms, etc.

After all, maybe I have thought too much which maybe is true and in fact I also agree that I think too much (sometimes). I better take every single day one by one and finish my daily tasks day by day. I believe God will still guide me along and protect me. Even though now I am physically weak, I will recover! God’s power is made perfect in humans’ weaknesses, am I right?

Have a new hope people and remain strong! 🙂


Comments on: "New Semester, New Expectation, New Hope" (2)

  1. Like your academic targets for this sem. Hopefully I can achieve the same goals haha but well, I’ve not done the tutorials last week lol :p

    ingetin g jg ya haha jiayou pe!

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