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Movie Review: 3 Idiots

Alright, so 2 days ago I watched this movie 3 Idiots, alone in my room, on my laptop. I initially thought the movie is in English, after a few minutes I figured out though, that 95% of the conversations are in Hindi. Then I looked for an English subtitle and started watching it. The movie is approximately 160 minutes but, really, I didn’t feel that the movie was too long though. It’s enjoyable.

3 idiots

If you haven’t watched it, please watch it for your own good. It is actually better, in my opinion, to just watch the movie without looking at its synopsis first – just as what I did 2 days ago. So, I would recommend you to stop reading this post first before you watch it. But if you want to continue reading, well, that’s fine.

Generally, the movie is about a genius daring inspirational guy who went to a college of engineering in India. He challenged almost everything he saw/heard, one of those was the education system at the college. He felt that the college was not functioning as it should be. The system was wrong, he claimed. And of course, the principal of the college hated him. However though, he had two loyal friends who travelled together with him in most of his adventures. The movie showcases some fascinating scientific experiments. It also demonstrates a strong bond of friendship. It is a comedy movie, so you will laugh at times when you watch it, but it is also strongly emotional that can make you want to cry, cry of happiness. Really, for me, 160 mins of watching this movie didn’t feel that long.

Some ‘lessons’ that I take from this movie:
1. Value your friends. They are actually your treasures here on earth. Money can’t buy you love, as people say, money can’t buy you true friends as well. Be a good friend to others. Even if you’re a successful person, if you don’t have friends to share your joy with, life would be very plain, meaningless. But even in your darkest time, if you have friends around you, true friends, you can still smile and stand up facing the storm.

2.  Don’t always follow majority. Yes it’s true that sometimes it looks stupid to act against the majority, but that exactly is the thing that this world needs right now! How do you know if the majority is right? How do you improve the system if you never do something that is not commonly done? How do you want to change the world if you don’t dare to act?

3. Don’t study merely for your grades. What is a grade after all? It is just A, B, C letters written on your transcript. What more important is the knowledge/skills you possess. Go study your stuffs to gain knowledge. Do your homeworks to sharpen your skills. Don’t study because you’re afraid to fail your module. Study because you like it. Don’t aim for success, pursue excellence and success will automatically follow you.

4. Do things you are passionate for. Why do you go to engineering school if your passion is in photography? Because your dad says you must do engineering? That’s stupid. Don’t do things because you are forced to do it. That way, it won’t be efficient and the result surely won’t be good. In other words, it is okay for you to have your passion different from others. Humans are unique. Every single one is God’s own masterpiece. That’s a fact.

That’s all I can share as of now. Basically I’m just sharing my values which are captured in this awesome 3 Idiots movie. Have fun watching it if you haven’t. See you again some other time. 🙂


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