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First Month in DC

DC here refers to District of Columbia, the capital of United States of America. Yup. I am here now, for an exchange program from my home university in Singapore. I was asked by some friends to take tons of pictures while I am here, to show them what the city is like. I have uploaded some pictures on Facebook and now I just want to share some thoughts about my experience here.

I arrived in DC on Jan 5 evening. That means today is my 23rd day here. It’s less than a month actually, but “First Month in DC” sounds better to me to be a title than “First 23 Days in DC”. haha. Anyway, yeah, I’ve got a lot of new experiences here that I had not experienced before. There is a saying: “There is always the first time for everything.” And I used that phrase a lot in the last couple of weeks; it was the first time I wore huge thick jacket and yet still feeling cold. First time for me to see snow here, too. First time to eat Mexican food. First time to see the White House and the Washington Monument. First time to see Bobby McFerrin (he is a very good singer!). First time to make friends coming from various countries, such as: Egypt, Netherlands, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Czech Republic, Italy, Morocco, South Africa, Ghana, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Chile, Peru, England, Germany, US (surely), and others (I’ve met some Germans and Americans in Singapore though). I have just realized when I typed those country names that I have met a lot of people for the past three weeks or so! And I met some familiar faces too, those from Singapore, India, China, and Indonesia! I consider myself as lucky (or blessed, depending on how you view it) to have this opportunity to meet people from around the world, many people even struggle for their daily meal.

I am enjoying my time here. In fact, I even started to love the winter here. But time is short, I’ll probably only have another 120 days in DC. After that I will need to move on. One challenging final year in NUS awaits me and hopefully I will be ready for it. πŸ™‚

In the meantime, I am now studying in George Washington University. Not the best university, but it is a good one. I even feel that their workloads are more demanding than NUS’s. One interesting thing that will happen this semester is that I will be taking a course in Bass Guitar, and that is a private class. So I had to buy my own bass guitar which is right now on its way to my house. I am still unsure if I should keep that or sell it after the semester concludes. But yeah, I am looking forward to my lessons. The past week was the second academic week and I still have 12 more academic weeks to go before doing the final exams. This is gonna be an interesting semester!

Another weird thing is that here in DC I watch English football in the morning instead of evening. And that is better actually because I don’t have to stay up late if I want to watch some matches. But that is a minor issue actually, just saying.

Alright, I guess that is enough for this post.

Have a good day!

Cheers πŸ™‚


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