My life is short but it is meaningful and purposeful. How is yours?

About The Writer

My name is Anthony Kristanto Pribadi and I am the one writing this blog. I am a Christian (i.e. Jesus Christ is my Savior and my Lord and the Holy Bible is my daily reading, well at least for most of the days). I can’t discount this portion from my introduction remembering all the wonderful things The Lord has done to me so far. More about this can be read in my other posts.

I am an Indonesian and I love my country. Despite whatever negative news you may have heard of my country, it is a beautiful, rich country with a lot of untapped potential and I will see what I can do to improve the country’s welfare and justice.

I speak Bahasa Indonesia and English and I understand simple Javanese. At the moment, I am learning Chinese (due to needs) and Spanish (for fun).

I live in Singapore and I am a proud employee of SMRT, a dominant public operator company in Singapore. The role that I play currently is being a Management Trainee, so nothing much going on just yet.

I appreciate good music and I play it too. I play classical guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and a bit of electric guitar too. At the same time, I am learning piano and drum too whenever I have the chance.

I generally enjoy watching football and I’ll try to watch big games if I can. Favorite team would be Liverpool and that is probably because I simply like their slogan of “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” For favorite player, Lionel Messi it is. He is just awesome. And he is such a humble guy. Top class.

I love challenges. I am the kind of person who will give my 110% on the thing that I am focusing at. I have high idealism but I know how to be realistic too. I know I have to set my standards high but at the same time have to be patient and not easily be discouraged if things don’t turn up as beautiful as I imagined.

Other than music and football, I am also interested in economics, politics, psychology, philosophy, and theology.

<<This section is last updated on 4 January 2014>>

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