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Taking a Break

Hi there,

Just so you know, I am planning to take a break from writing in here. I’ll probably resume after a semester or two. Don’t expect anything to be written up shortly. A lot of things have been happening to me, and I just can’t really find time to sit down and write things up on my laptop. Hopefully by taking this break from writing in blog, I can focus more on other things, such as my study. I really do have a lot of commitments to handle this semester. And so, yup. That’s about all for now.

You there, good luck in whatever you do.

God bless.



Blog Status

Hi there. Let me just use this short post real quick to contemplate on this blog in general.

So, as you may be aware, I missed my February’s post. Finally, after keeping once-per-month record for some time, I lost my consistency for the first time. It was not easy though to even to keep a post per month consistently. Often times, I was aware that I hadn’t had any post for the month, and so I did it in the last day of that month! But it was not the case last month. It was actually more complicated than what I am going to say, but in short, I can say that I simply forgot last month!

Why am I so sentimental about this? If I were me years ago, I would be very upset not to keep my standard, but now I have loosened my perfectionist habit to some extent, so that I won’t be that upset that much. There are more things in life than just keeping a blog post every month. But, it does not excuse me for not being discipline. Well, what I am saying is that even though I made a mistake by not doing any post last month, it did not matter that much because I don’t need to hide my vulnerabilities/imperfections.

And looking forward, I still want to keep this blog to be updated (at least) once per month. The content will be entirely up to me to write. But whatever that is, I believe that is of something important, otherwise it won’t be here. I only have limited time, and so I must pick up the more important stuffs to write on. The aims of the blog will still be the same as the original intention, which is stated in my first post, I believe. And one of that aims is to get me practise some writing. And more importantly, is also to share some valuable experiences/thoughts with you, reader.

I have received so many blessings from The Almighty, and let me be a blessing to you!

Anthony Pribadi


I said in the first post that I wanted to maintain this blog regularly. But, how regular? It’s not an easy job for me for now to post things. Though I have a lot of good-to-write stuff, but I don’t really have time. Sometimes I have the time but I forget that I have a blog, or maybe sometimes just lazy to write! So by this I would like to say that at least this blog should be filled with something new at least once a month! 2 posts in a month is good. More than that is already awesome! haha. Hopefully this commitment also discipline me as a person as well. πŸ™‚

First Post

Hello there. I tell u a bit history of this blog first. Actually I wanted to make a blog since long long time ago.. perhaps it’s since 1 or 1.5 year ago.. Β what is, or rather, are my motivations to do blogging? Basically it’s to share my life to you. Sometimes, esp here in Singapore, I feel it’s a bit hard to find quality time to talk. So why not try writing a blog? Next is to get place to put my thoughts into. Sometimes it just happens that random interesting thoughts keep coming into my mind. And I realized that after a while all of them (or maybe most of them haha, i can still remember some actually) were gone! Well, hope the existence of this blog will reduce that. Other reason is because I feel blessed by reading other’s blogs, so let me try to do the same thing to you πŸ™‚ As for now, the last reason would be…. hmm.. let put it this way. I think by making a blog, I am starting to put things into a big treasure box and maybe later in the future I will read my old posts and smile to see what I’ve done in the past. I was thinking of making some categories in this blog and will try to maintain this blog regularly (how regular? we’ll see.. haha) errmm. Actually I got another reason why I wanted to write a blog, that is simply to practice writing. Though it’s not going to be so much of a formal writing but practising putting thoughts into words would be a good practise. πŸ™‚