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Give Thanks

I actually have some ideas to write as of now, but since I’m already sleepy and I need to stick to my promise of doing one post entry every month, I have to pick the shortest one. 🙂

And here it is. As you may already know, it was a Thanksgiving Day (in the US particularly) on the 4th Thursday of November which was quite recent. I posted a facebook status, saying my thankfulness over the things I felt thankful for, and it got 25 likes up to now (I don’t think it’s increasing anymore though). At least this proves something to me that people like to see good news, or things that looks pleasing in the eyes; and do not like the contrast very much. And my status was pretty much full of happiness and joy, at least at that moment, and a lot of people liked it. When at the other time I posted a status of hardship or “its friends”, not many liked it. I know the amount of “like” will depend on what time you post it on facebook, whether it is at the peak-hour or not. I have tried this with a lot of variety in the timing really, random enough for me and the sample size is big enough as well, and the conclusion is what I just said a few sentences earlier. So let’s just talk a bit about good moments or whatever good things that we are thankful for.

Why do people give thanks? What is the actual reason of being thankful over something? Often times is the lucky feeling like “Oh! Thank goodness! I feel very lucky to bla bla bla!” So let me ask a follow up question: “why then do you feel lucky?” Maybe, we are thankful when we think we don’t deserve the thing we get. Maybe we give thanks when we enjoy our time, like really think that “This is really a good time that I’m having now!” Maybe there some other reasons and I believe there are, but I hope it is quite clear by now that to feel good or thankful is very subjective to own’s decision.

So why don’t we just enjoy more of our times? Is it that difficult to enjoy your own life? Is life really that though? I would choose always to be happy and to enjoy (if I can choose, or rather, if I’m aware that I’m able to choose) whatever I do or must do however hard it is. No scientific reason really to be not-thankful and grudging every time. Well I can’t give any evidence though right now, but at least I have read before that actually smiling needs less muscle work than frowning, significantly! I can’t remember the figures, but trust me I can give a lot of scientific evidences if I must do so. And it is not good for the mental health. Not good for the people around you also. Perhaps they are the one who actually need your courage. I do mean the last sentence. Sometimes people (including me also since I am just a human being) just think that their problem is the biggest problem on earth. They don’t really listen to others because they think others simply just don’t understand their struggles. On the other hand, I feel that this is, in fact, the biggest problem on earth, i.e. when every human being thinks that his/her problem is the biggest problem on earth!

So, c’mon people. Enjoy your life. Life is, well, sometimes can be bad, but it’s just sometimes. But we do learn from every hardship, don’t we? Your friend or the person next to you right now might be having a more difficult problem after all, but you just don’t know it. Be more thankful over everything. That can only give benefit. Don’t take every blessing we have for granted. Don’t give thanks for the past when you have already missed it. Give thanks now, in present time, for present time!

God loves you,